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2017 Award Winners

University Level/Outside A&A

Chris Staley, distinguished professor of art, Milton S. Eisenhower Award for Distinguished Teaching

James Lyon, professor of music, George W. Atherton Award for Excellence in Teaching

Chris Kiver, associate professor of music, President’s Award for Engagement with Students

Kim Cook, named distinguished professor of music

Ken Tamminga, named distinguished professor of landscape architecture

Karen McNeal, financial coordinator, Stuckeman School, Award for Administrative Excellence

Jerry Henry, human resources manager, Cotterill Leadership Award in College of Education

Walker Konkle, senior, violin performance, John W. Oswald Award


Graduate Student Awards

Stephen Mainzer (architecture), Alumni Association Dissertation Award

Vasiliy Lakoba (landscape architecture) and Shanti Nachtergaele (music theory/history), Distinguished Master’s Thesis Award

Christopher Hazel (architecture) and Lindsey Landfried (drawing and painting), Professional Master’s Excellence Award


Graduate Research Exhibition Winners

Julio Diarte and Angelica Rodriguez (architecture), first place in the arts and humanities research poster category

Performance winners were music students Anthony Poehailos (first), Fabio Saggin (second), and Stephen Fleming (third).

Visual arts winners were Lindsey Landfried (first) and Ciara Newton and Valerie Dillon (tied for second).


A&A Awards

Staff Award for Outstanding Service: Kimberly Miller, undergraduate support assistant, School of Music, and Shannon Ritter, public relations, recruitment, and social media coordinator, School of Theatre

Faculty Award for Outstanding Teaching: Velvet Brown, professor of tuba and euphonium, and Michele Dunleavy, associate professor of dance

Award for Excellence in Advising: Mary Saunders-Barton, head of voice for musical theatre


Alumni Society Scholarships

Lauren Keeler, Adelynn Rabold, Regina Joslin, Kira Shumski, Eleni Jones, Bridget Novelli, Olivia Dowd


Creative Achievement Awards

Rebecca Lefkowitz, Chris Hazel, Andrew Hoffman, Laura Beyerle, Candice Driver, Janet Purdy, Brandon Rittenhouse, Shiyang He, Nicole Wagy, Zilin Gui, Kyle McKay, Luke Nosal, Jenn Gallo, Morgan McKenzie Kauffman, Caitlin Yost, Miranda Holmes, Lindsey Landfriend, Helen Maser


Golumbic Scholarships

Heather Schneider (Humanistic Achievement), Nyomi Warren (Design Achievement), Grace Kiver (Performance Achievement)


Alumni Awards

Fouad Fakhouri (music), Dina Klavon (landscape architecture), Lauren Luloff (visual arts), Christopher Marcinkoski (architecture), Marshall N. Price (art history), Leif Steiner (graphic design), and—as a group for theatre—Thom Woodley, Matt Yeager, Lindsey Broad, Bob McClure, and Jeff Skowron