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Architecture Alumni Group

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The Architecture Alumni Group (AAG) met most recently on February 9 following the annual Stuckeman Career Day event. The AAG is currently undertaking a review of its by-laws, primarily to streamline the election process for new directors and to ensure continuity in leadership. Matt Graham gave an update on the alumni/student mentoring program, and there was a discussion about continued, informal meet-ups of alumni in New York City and other locations.  

AAG Board 

David Schrader (1991) 
Bob Holland (1973)
Sara Pettit (2009)
Marilia Rodrigues (2002)
Alex Donahue (2013)
Kyle Fauth (2007)
Matthew Graham (2012)
Rob McClure (2000)
Danielle Mitchell (2015)
Ute Poerschke
Loukas Kalisperis
Kelleann Foster
Joyce Hoffman
Robin Seymour
Frank E. Dittenhafer II (1978)
Stephanie Rakiec (2018)
Vice President
Immediate Past President
Interim Department Head, 2018/19
Faculty Representative
Director of Stuckeman School
Director of Constituent Engagement
Major Gift Officer, Arts & Arch.
Liaison to Arts & Arch. Alumni Society 
Recent Graduate Representative





Membership in the Architecture Alumni (AAG) is automatic for all graduates of Penn State Architecture with no dues. The group exists to help provide a connection with alumni, and the board of directors acts as an informal advisory group to the department. By expanding the participation of alumni relationships, the group hopes to promote interaction between alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends for the benefit and ongoing improvement of the department.


David Schrader, president



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