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Graphic Design Affiliate Program Group

Coming up!

50 Years of Penn State Graphic Design will be celebrated on the weekend of April 25-26! For additional information about the events and to register, visit here.


The Graphic Design Alumni Group was established with the purposes of providing a forum where alumni of the program can continue to grow professionally and personally, and to provide a way for alumni to stay connected to each other and the program. The group helps encourage and support educational and career opportunities for students in the field of graphic design. Membership in the Graphic Design alumni group is open without membership dues, to all graduates of the program.


This group is seeking some leadership! Board meetings can be held periodically by Zoom or Skype, requiring no travel for the majority of board members. However, one member is needed who can fulfill the responsibility of acting as the group's representative on the College of Arts & Architecture Alumni Society Board, which meets three times per year in State College. It would be desirable for the group representative to be able to attend at least one meetings per year in person, though Zoom is always offered as an option. Interested in learning more? Contact Joyce Hoffman in the A&A Alumni Office. 


Join the Graphic Design Alumni Listserv by contacting the Arts and Architecture Alumni Office.