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Landscape Architecture Affiliate Program Group


Membership in the Landscape Architecture Alumni Group (L.Arch. APG) is automatic for all graduates of the program with no dues. The group exists to provide a connection with alumni, and the board of directors acts as an informal advisory group to the department. The L.Arch. APG was the first academic department-based alumni group in the College of Arts and Architecture, and the group provides strong support to current students in numerous ways, including a mentorship program. The group has also established a program endowment that will provide funds in perpetuity to be used to benefit students. At this time, the endowment proceeds are being utilized to help offset the costs associated with field trips. The board of directors meets regularly on campus, approximately three times per year. The current board is listed below.

Next up: The group's most recent meeting was held in Philadelphia on October 12, the day after a very successful  Stuckeman Alumni Reception. Informational reports were heard from Stuckeman School director Patricia Kucker and department head Eliza Pennypacker. Thanks and farewells were expressed to outgoing board members Adrian Smith, Demetrios Staurinos and Matt Renauld, and plans were laid for the election of new board members who will join the board in early 2020. The next meeting of the L.Arch. APG board will be held on Saturday, February 8, the day after Stuckeman Career Day, in State College.


Lisa Thomas (1981) (President)
Adrian Smith (1982)
Julie Cantola Kirsch (2009) (Secretary/Treasurer)
Ken Mizerny (1970) (Immediate Past President)
Matt Renauld (2001) (Mentorship Program Coordinator)
Stacy Fisher (1979)
Jim DeTuerk (1961)
Demetrios Staurinos (2002)
Josh Lippert (2011)
Bonj Szczygiel (Faculty Liaison)
Eliza Pennypacker (Department Head)
Patricia Kucker (Director, Stuckeman School)
Joyce Hoffman (Director, Constituent Engagement)
H. Edward Black (1966) (Liaison to A&A Alumni Society)


Lisa Thomas, president