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Theatre Affiliate Program Group


Membership in the Theatre Alumni Group is automatic for all graduates of the Penn State School of Theatre with no dues. The group exists to help provide connections between alumni, and between alumni and current students. The board of directors meets by telephone regularly, to discuss the group’s initiatives. In its relatively short time of existence, the Theatre Alumni Group has already been recognized by the Penn State Alumni Association for its exceptional alumni/student interaction programming. The board is currently governed by the board of directors listed below.

Next Up:

The group is looking for additional members to serve in a position of leadership by being a member of the board or joining a committee! Due to professional obligations, president Carolyn Quinn had to step aside from the presidency recently. Board member Bob Clendenin has chosen to move on from his position on the board. Board member Mike Smanko is spearheading a nomination committee, so if you are interested in the possibility of being involved, please contact Mike. Plans are being laid for an all-alumni reunion in New York on May 4, 2020, so mark your calendar and spread the word. More details to come in the months ahead!

Carolyn Quinn (2016 BFA)
Robert Schneider (2009 MFA)
Courtney Cavanaugh (2009 BFA)
Kate Pappas (1997)
Jodi Stevens (1990)
Bob Clendenin (1990 MFA)
Molly O'Keefe
Mike Smanko (1977 MFA)
Allison Lee (1995 BFA)
Mike Karns (2011 BFA)
Becca Suskauer
Megan Belgam
Rick Lombardo
Joyce Hoffman
Student Representative
Student Representative
Director of the Penn State School of Theatre
A & A Director of Constituent Engagement


Allison Lee