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Miscellaneous Notes

  • Enter all GRAD forms using the clearing account as pay budget: 405-98/1002.
  • Tuition charges should be applied to 141-65/1001.
  • Bunton-Waller graduate students stipend charged to 232-02/1001 and GIA to 141-83/1001.
  • The College's new budget for the Fund for Excellence in Graduate Recruitment (FEGR) processing is 205-19/1001. This budget replaced the Graduate School budgets (231-02 and 688-32).
  • To change time (from 1/4 to 1/2 or 3/4 time or vice versa) do a GRAD form, check yes to paycheck adjustment, reappointment is no and enter detailed information in the notepad including the months the changes takes place.
  • To terminate after reappointed, do a TRMN.
  • Date to begin processing Fall appointments is anytime after August 15th through the first day of class. Use of any date prior to August 15th might pull in the previous year's tuition amount. Do not appoint before the student registers.