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College of Arts and Architecture Purchase of Airfare

  1. The University uses these approved options for purchase of airfare:
    • Centre for Travel @ 238-4987
    • PSU Travel Services @ 865-0395
    • PSU Travel Services-Intercollegiate Athletic @ 865-1900
    • PSU Travel Services On-Lion
  2. Use of any other source for purchasing business travel requires same day documentation - obtained from Travel Services Online - verifying that the price obtained was lower than the price available through these authorized sources.
  3. The University has discounted pricing agreements with Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines. This discounting is only available when reservations are made through Travel Services or one of our contract travel agencies.
  4. Proper instructions for approval to use an outside travel agency other than the University approved agents.
    • obtain on-line quote from University Travel Services
    • obtain on-line quote from outside agency
    • faculty member purchases tickets with own funds and submits for reimbursement after the travel has been made

    The most important thing is to request approval prior to the trip (and prior to making the purchase). Also, submit printouts of the PSU Travel Services quote with the travel support form.

    There is no limitation on the number of times this can be done. As long as the traveler provides the quote from Travel Services, and they can find something cheaper, they are welcome to do so. Traveler must remember that it can be difficult to make changes to a flight if they book with an on-line service. It is easier to make changes if you work with a travel agent.