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College of Arts and Architecture Purchasing Card Receipts

  1. Purchasing Card charges are reconciled in departments by individuals who have been designated and approved by the Financial Officer. Approved Reconciler Delegation Forms are on file with the Financial Officer.
  2. Cardholder is responsible for turning in receipts directly to the Departmental Reconciler. This should occur IMMEDIATELY after the purchase is made.
  3. Support Form is required. Receipt must be taped or stapled to the Support Form. Detailed receipts must be obtained when possible and are required for group meals per Policy FN10. If detailed receipts cannot be obtained, the Cardholder must document the reason why they could not be obtained.
  4. Faxed and photo copied receipts should include some documentation or notation as to why an original receipt was not available.
  5. Cardholder’s signature and date MUST be on both the receipt and the support form for ALL purchases, whether made by the Cardholder, or someone authorized by the Cardholder. If someone other than the cardholder uses the Purchasing Card, they must also sign and date the receipt before it is reconciled by the Reconciler.
  6. Cardholders must personally review their own statements from PNC Bank. These statements are mailed directly to each Cardholder on a monthly basis. The statement must be signed, dated and retained by the Cardholder for one year (current plus 12 months prior).
  7. The Reconciler notes the P-Number on the Support Form, initials and dates the Support Form and reconciles the transaction using RPCC.
  8. After a charge has been reconciled, the Reconciler should forward the completed Support Form and Original Receipt to the Financial Office, 120 Borland Building.
  9. Reconcilers cannot also be purchasers. If it is not possible to separate the purchasing function and reconciliation function, the purchasing card support form must be forwarded to the Financial Office for reconciliation. Please specify the budget and cost center that the expense should be resolved to.
  10. The Financial Office will maintain all files for the required retention period. It is not necessary for the department to maintain a file copy. If at a later date, a copy is required, contact the Financial Office and a copy will be provided.
  11. Notify the FO if there is a problem or perceived problem with any use of the card.