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College of Arts and Architecture Service Learning Projects

  1. Prior to student activity on a Service Learning Project, the Faculty Mentor will draft a "Memorandum of Understanding to Establish a Service Learning Project" and an estimated budget. The budget should include student and faculty travel, supplies, photocopies, and other project related expenses, in addition to a line item to cover a portion of staff time at the Hamer Center ($300/$500/$1,000 depending on the size and complexity of the project). The MOU language used must be exactly as pre-approved by the Office of Sponsored Programs. If the sponsor requires any revisions to the MOU, all revisions must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Sponsored Programs before any activity occurs.

  3. In preparing the MOU, Exhibit A: Technical Experiences Problem, do not use technical/professional terminology when describing the project and the outcomes. Technical terminology has very specific meaning as it is used in the professional world. The project and products of the Service Learning Projects are intended to be "pre-professional" work.

  5. The Faculty Mentor will also prepare the required University form related to externally funded projects. The form is titled "Award Internal Approval Form" and is available on-line at

  7. The Faculty Mentor is responsible for securing the approval of the Department Head on the MOU and the related budget. PSU requires three (3) original, signed MOU documents. The Award Internal Approval Form also requires approval and signature of the Department Head.

  9. After approval and signature by the Faculty Mentor and the Department Head, the Hamer Center will secure the signature of the sponsoring "client" on three (3) original MOU documents. Hamer Center will include a memo to the sponsor requesting review and signature on all three (3) copies and a check payable to The Pennsylvania State University for the sum listed on the contract. Check and signed MOUs should be sent no later than the start date on the contract.

  11. After the sponsor signs all three original MOUs, the MOUs and the Award Internal Approval Form must be forwarded to Bill Doan, the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies in the College of Arts and Architecture. The Associate Dean will review and approve the Award form, send the check and a copy of the MOU to the Financial Officer, then send the remaining package to the Office of Sponsored Programs for official signature and acceptance by Penn State.

  13. The Faculty Mentor, Associate Dean and Financial Officer will be advised by OSP when the MOU is accepted by the University. At that time, the Financial Officer will establish a separate account or cost center to track the project in the University’s financial system and the Service Learning Project can commence.