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College of Arts and Architecture Travel Guidelines

  1. Travel charged to university budgets must be business related. The business purpose must be clearly stated when requesting travel reimbursement.

  3. Business and Personal Travel Combined - On occasion, an employee will combine business travel with personal travel. In these cases, arrangements for airfare must be handled by Travel Services at 865-0395. Travel Services will calculate the cost of the business route and the cost of the actual route. The difference between the two routes is the amount of the personal travel. The personal travel will then be charged directly to the traveler's personal credit card. The business portion will be charged to the appropriate university budget.

  5. Travel (departure from locations other than State College) - Penn State will pay for business travel to/from the employee's primary work location. If employee wishes to depart from another location, the employee/department must provide documentation (print out) showing what the cost WOULD HAVE BEEN with a direct route. As long as we can show we are not reimbursing more than the cost from State College - comparing the same dates - it is fine to reimburse. It is always best to provide an explanation if travel is not straightforward. If the cost from other location is greater than the cost of travel from State College, call the Financial Office to discuss. Generally, employee will only be reimbursed up to the cost of travel from State College to destination (and return).