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Arts and Architecture Non-Employee Information Form Policy

Arts & Architecture is instituting a new policy for any visitor to the University. Travelers who are not employees of the University, such as job candidates, consultants, guests of the University, new hires who travel for house hunting are all to be reimbursed in accordance with the standard travel policy for all employees.

Visitors from other countries require special processing in order to comply with federal immigration and IRS requirements.

Before you initiate any document (Purchasing Card transaction, direct charge - NLI, Penn Stater, etc.) related to their trip, you must have the visitor complete the Non-Employee Information Form (formerly the VISIT form)

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Failure to complete the Non-Employee Information Form exposes the College and the Department to potential fines (up to $35,000). After you have the Non-Employee Information Form and complete the reimbursement for the expenses - file the Non-Employee Informaion Form with the visitor's paperwork and keep in your area (current +3 years). Expenses for a non-employee will NOT be approved without the Non-Employee Information Form. In the notepad section of electronic forms - indicate if the Non-Employee Information Form has been completed and the visitor's VISA type.



  • If a University budget is used for reimbursement, the Non-Employee Information Form must be completed.
  • Individuals providing services at a non-campus location (out of state) still need to complete the Non-Employee Information Form per Larry Friedken, "As long as the individual enters the United States, the visit form and all the related INS rules apply".
  • Only one Non-Employee Information Form needs to be completed for an individual visiting the University several times, provided the individual has stated they are a U.S. citizen.