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Thank you all for your help and patience as we have instituted a number of procedural changes to our export compliance programs during 2015.  One change that has been made, and which we are still fully socializing, is the impact on foreign travel planning of the new University Policy AD89 (link).   As a result of our internal audit of export compliance at Penn State, it was determined we needed to implement new procedures to enable an effective export review of foreign travel being conducted on behalf of the University, including a means of documenting such reviews in the event of a government investigation or audit.  As part of new AD89, certain transactions now require, by policy, an export review be completed – including all foreign travel for University purposes. 

 Currently, there are two means of initiating this review.  First, by completion of a one-page PDF Review Request Form (or similarly approved document) that may be submitted to my attention as UECO (or to other designated export compliance specialists – such as OSP reviewers for travel related to sponsored awards).  Second, an export review will be generated automatically for any and all travel registered in the new Travel Safety Network (TSN) which is being implemented at the request of the Provost and managed by the University Office of Global Programs.  We have attempted to build all necessary compliance functions related to foreign travel into the TSN, including the required export compliance review. 

 Please remind your faculty, staff and students of the need to obtain an export review prior to commencing foreign travel for official University purposes and then direct them to either the Review Request Form (available at my website) or the TSN.  Please also feel free to remind your faculty, staff and students that we are not “approving” their travel, but instead that the required export reviews are designed to identify any compliance risks which may be associated with the planned travel event and to identify means to proactively mitigate such risks, typically through pre-travel planning, education and/or traveler awareness programs.

 More information about foreign travel and other required export reviews may be found in AD89, ADG09 and the University Export Compliance Office Website at

Travel Reimbursement

Employee Reimbursement System (ERS) is used to reimburse employees and non-employees for expenses that occur during University business.

For further information and training refer to

Miscellaneous Note:

Each Unit within the College will establish an annual travel budget to help manage costs related to their individual travel expenditures.