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AAIT Updates: November 13, 2015

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Penn State ITS will begin broadcasting the eduroam SSID on all TNS wireless networks connected to the Telecommunications Building hub site. Eduroam ( is a federation that allows account holders from member schools to connect to the Wi-Fi network at other member institutions using their home institution's credentials. The availability of the eduroam SSID will allow visitors to Penn State from many other schools around the world to connect to our wireless network. Since the eduroam SSID does have some restrictions, it is NOT recommended that Penn Staters use eduroam as their primary network when at a Penn State location. The PSU SSID should be used as usual. To configure your device to use eduroam, visit To log on, enter your username in the format, where abc123 is your Access ID, and enter the same password you use for the PSU SSID. If you have any questions, contact AAIT (865-AAIT). Note: looks like an email address but is not—it is your access ID combined with information to let the host institution know what school you are from.