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All-College Meeting Focuses on Strategic Plan, Sharing Stories

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Marko Marcinko, Sue Haug, David Stambler

The All -College Meeting on August 16 featured a strategic plan update, discussion of how we can better share our stories and news items, and a little fun in the form of an artsUP photo booth. The College of Arts and Architecture is continuing to work with Rowland Creative as part of our effort to engage more students in the arts and to promote the arts more effectively. Attendees at the meeting were encouraged to have their photo taken in front of the artsUP banner, and then post the photos to social media using the hashtags #iamthearts and #artsUP. We will continue to use those hashtags in promotions throughout the year.

Guest speakers included Lawrence Lokman, vice president for strategic communications, and members of his staff, who spoke about what the strategic communications staff looks for in a good story and how our college can better collaborate with that office. Following their presentation, attendees broke out into groups to address three topic areas:
1) What stories aren't getting told? What makes a good story? What stories have we missed publicizing in the last year or two?

2) What makes a good student story? How can faculty/staff help feed more stories to the Communications Offce?

3) What are your ideas for using artsUP as a way to ensure every student has a meaningful arts experience at Penn State?

Notes from the breakout discussions are posted here.

All faculty and staff are encouraged to share their stories with the Communications Office at All ideas are welcome!