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And … We're Live!

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The 2013–14 school year heralded a new initiative for the School of Music's outreach efforts—the capability to livestream selected performances and post them afterwards on the school's official YouTube channel.

Livestreaming is the live video and audio transmission of events over the internet, meaning it’s accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Video and audio are seen and heard in real time so that viewers at home can experience School of Music concerts as if they were actually seated in the concert hall. Livestreaming is synonymous with the terms “webcast” and “simulcast.”

The School of Music’s inaugural livestreaming program was very successful. More than 4,700 viewers watched the 25 events that the School of Music supported in 2013–14. That is an average of 188 additional audience members per concert, representing 50 states and 50 countries. An additional 1,400 viewers “attended” 15 School of Music events (faculty recitals and faculty-led ensembles) that were livestreamed by CW Studios as an independent contractor.

As of spring 2014, the school also began integrating the livestream content with YouTube content on both the College of Arts and Architecture and the School of Music channels. This medium allows the school's most prestigious concerts to be archived, professionally edited, and made available for public consumption at any time.

The School of Music has received funding for a second year of livestreamed performances in 2014–15, and will continue to edit selected concerts for YouTube. Digital Media Coordinator Chris Wahlmark also hopes to expand the livestreaming initiative beyond the concert halls to include selected masterclasses and guest lectures as well. For a full explanation of livestreaming and a schedule of future events, please visit