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College announces latest Faculty Research Grant recipients

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Faculty from across the College Arts and Architecture have begun work this semester on the latest round of projects supported by the College’s long-standing Faculty Research Grant program. In this round of funding (which runs from January 2019 to June 2020), a total of $91,690 was distributed to sixteen projects submitted by faculty, or teams of faculty, from all six academic units.

The Arts and Architecture Faculty Research Grant program promotes and incentivizes faculty research. It provides resources for faculty seed grants, project funding, and disseminating research/creative activity. “It is always a pleasure to see the wide range of research and creative activities practiced in the College of Arts and Architecture. It is truly our strength,” said Mallika Bose, interim associate dean for research and graduate studies. Collaboration was a theme across many of the funded projects. The projects involve collaboration with faculty from other departments at Penn State and beyond, students from the University Park campus, youth in Buffalo, dance companies in different parts of the United States, and Spanish architects, among others. See list of recipients below, and full abstracts here


Brian Alfred, Assistant Professor of Art
Project Title: NYC Exhibition

Michelle Bae Dimitriadis, Assistant Professor of Art Education
Project Title: Mobile Eco Walk + Oral Stories: Counter-Cartography of Refugee Youth on Environmental Justice

Kikora Franklin, Associate Professor of Theatre
Project Title: Presenting, Teaching, Performing Mojah: Dance of the African Diaspora

Shannon Goff, Associate Professor of Art
Project Title: Clay/House/Play/House

Darla Lindberg, Professor of Architecture
Project Title: Outside the Skin: Systems approaches to society's larger structural issues

Eric McKee, Professor of Music
Project Title: The Sound of Romance: Approaches to Sound Design in the Construction of the Romantic Couple in Early Hollywood Sound Films, 1927-33

Bryan Nichols, Assistant Professor of Music
Project Title: A Novel Examination of Voice Dosimetry in Classroom Teaching Settings

Almudena Ribot, Assistant Professor of Architecture
Project Title: Build it Together/BIT/A Proposal for a Documentary Film about Collaborative Architecture

Raymond Sage, Associate Professor of Theatre
Project Title: The Muir Project

Jean Sanders, Associate Professor of Art
Project Title: Abhyasa and Vairagya: Yogic Principles Applied in the Studio

Robin Thomas, Associate Professor of Art History
Project Title: Palaces of Reason: Royal Residences in Enlightenment Naples 1734-59

Sarah Watts, Assistant Professor of Music
Project Title: The Vast and Varied Musical Sounds of China: A Narrative Exploration and Application