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College-Wide Fall Arts Celebration Set for Sept. 20

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The College of Arts and Architecture’s strategic plan includes the goal of making the arts and design central to life at Penn State. To further that goal, we will host a college-wide arts celebration on the afternoon of Sunday, Sept. 20, 2015, with a wide range of free activities in all our facilities.

An all-college task force, led by George Trudeau, director of the Center for the Performing Arts, has been meeting for the past several months to plan this exciting event. Outdoor events will be focused in three locations: the Walters Courtyard, Palmer Museum plaza, and Eisenhower Auditorium patio. Performances, demonstrations, tours, and participatory activities will be planned, as well as some pop-up “surprise” presentations. Events will be scheduled concurrently and repeated as possible.

This event, intended for all ages, is an opportunity to showcase the many talented students and faculty across the college. All college units will be involved and faculty are being solicited for ideas. Students are involved in the planning process and student organizations are being contacted for their support and participation. The task force has set a goal of developing a draft plan by the end of this semester. Please contact your unit director or task force representative (listed below) regarding how you can be involved or if you have questions. In addition to activities related to the arts and design, we are considering food vendors, raffles, prizes and giveaways to further help us create a fun and festive atmosphere for all ages. A marketing team from across the college has already met to begin organizing our promotional efforts.

College of Arts and Architecture Fall Arts Celebration Task Force

Art History
William Dewey
Tess Kutasz

Marcus Shaffer
Chauntel Duriez

Landscape Architecture
Emily Wood
Eleni Jones

Gerardo Edelstein
Jake Russo

George Trudeau (Chair)
Jesse Scott

Joyce Robinson
Candice Driver

Travis DeCastro

Visual Arts
Angela Rothrock

Joyce Hoffman (Marketing)
Katie Rountree (Facilities/Logistics)