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'Displacement' Exhibition Depicts Post-Revolution Iran through Paintings, Poetry

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'Displacement' at Edwin W. Zoller Gallery

Penn State’s School of Visual Arts is pleased to present Displacement, a current and ongoing body of mixed-media paintings by Farima Fooladi ('15 M.F.A. Visual Arts) with poetry by Sara Mohammadi Ardehali, curated by Aaron Ziolkowski. The exhibition is on display through September 2 in SoVA's Edwin W. Zoller Gallery. Join us for a reception Monday, August 29, beginning at 5:30 p.m.

Farima Fooladi was born in Tehran, three years after the Iranian Revolution in the midst of an eight-year armed conflict with Iraq. Her childhood years witnessed the transition from monarchy to rule by an Islamic republic. She experienced the regime’s enforced social conservativism firsthand as one of 20 million children born in the wake of revolution, part of a state-initiated procreation campaign. Such drastic transformations of the government and the makeup of the population were writ large on the built environment as bulldozers razed old structures and replaced them with sheer, monumental faces of reinforced concrete. As a young adult, Farima lived abroad in Brazil and Britain for several years before returning to her family and friends in Tehran.

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