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Faculty Accomplishments: Oct. 16, 2015

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Vincent P. Benitez, associate professor of music theory, recently received a subvention grant from the Society for Music Theory (SMT). It supports his research on Olivier Messiaen's birdsong notebooks at the Département de la Musique, Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris. To be conducted in May-June 2016, this research will be included in his book, The Music of Olivier Messiaen, currently under development.

Joanne Rutkowski, professor emerita of music education, was one of only seven scholars invited to be part of an international symposium for music educators and music psychologists that resulted in a Special Issue (2015) of Music Perception. The scholars co-authored two pieces, and each also had an individual research project/article. All manuscripts went through a rigorous refereed review process. Rutkowski's individual article: The relationship between children’s use of singing voice and singing accuracy. Music Perception, Special Issue, February 2015, 32(3), 283-292.