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Judy Chicago Dialogue Portal Part 2 Launches

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Academics, art professionals, artists and others are invited to participate in the Judy Chicago Dialogue Portal Part 2, "Difference in Studio Art Teaching: Applying Judy Chicago's Pedagogical Principles," which opened Dec. 1.

In a 2002 interview, Chicago described her methodology as "a model where the teacher helps to first make each student feel valued. Listening to what students have to say communicates that their experience is worthy of examination and that it offers potential content for art making. If you can turn your experience into art making, then it validates your experience."

The portal continues the discussion about the state of studio art education and its future, which was a centerpiece of the 2014 campus-wide, semester-long celebration of Chicago’s archive at Penn State that concluded with a weekend symposium at which Chicago delivered a timely, call-to-action lecture based on her new book, "Institutional Time: A Critique of Studio Art Education." The related projects add to the artist’s online art education archive in the Eberly Family Special Collections Library. For the full story, click here.