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Penn State Centre Stage presents Gizmo

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Penn State Centre Stage presents Gizmo

Penn State Centre Stage will present Gizmo, April 10 thru 21, at the Playhouse Theatre, on the University Park campus. 

When machines do everything for us, what will we do with ourselves?    

And as our technology evolves, what might it become?  Gizmos, alternate beings neither human nor machine, created to serve users.

In the upcoming Penn State Centre Stage production of Gizmo, the new play by award-winning playwright Anthony Clarvoe with direction by Dan Carter, your gizmo could be "your loved one. Returned to you. Permanent. Immortal life." So says Faber, the soulful, young artist played by Lance Beilstein. Meanwhile, a driven engineer (Carrie McNulty) designs ever-more-powerful beings: "This is a tool. My tool. I made it... The hammer did not drive the nail." And a visionary scientist (Kira Lace Hawkins) works to hack the system that shackles their intelligence: "They can do so much, just processing data. Think what they could do with knowledge."

All the while, gizmos continue to develop beyond what anyone believed possible, and they want only one thing: to serve "users", their human masters. But as Shakespeare cautioned: "If all the year were playing holidays, to sport would be as tedious as to work." Or, put another way: "Be careful what you wish for."

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Preview/Matinee $16. Evening $18.  Penn State students $12 (with valid Penn Sate student ID). Tickets are available at Penn State Tickets Downtown, Eisenhower Box Office, Bryce Jordan Center, or by calling 814-863-0255 or 1-800-ARTS-TIX.

In addition, the Institute for the Arts and Humanities will present a symposium titled "ROBOT WEEKEND" in conjuncition with the production of Gizmo. For more information, please contact the Institute: 814-865-0495 or