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Office of Digital Learning


The Office of Digital Learning's mission is to take a leading position in the future of the disciplines represented in the College of Arts and Architecture by providing greater opportunities for instructional innovation, courseware development, and research in the arts and design.  The Institute will collaborate with the various disciplines throughout the College to assist them in the identification, development, and deployment of online and blended learning courses, as well as research opportunities in the arts and design, while maintaining the creative and innovative aspects each discipline portrays.

Guiding Principles

  • We will focus on the creation and enhancement of interdisciplinary education, innovation, and research in the arts and design through the use of digital and instructional technologies.
  • We will enhance educational opportunities for students while identifying opportunities for potential new or enhanced revenue streams.
  • We will link the faculty and staff of the college to students and colleagues across Penn State and around the world, leading to significant innovations in the use of technology in research and teaching.
  • We will collaborate with individual faculty members in their research and in the development of online courses, blended learning materials for delivery in both resident- and distance-based courses.
  • We will continuously analyze and evaluate the development and outcomes of the initiatives supported by the Institute to ensure quality and success in achieving the goals of our projects.


Over the next several years, we will be striving to meet these guiding principles by focusing on four primary goals:


  • Goal One: Expand the offerings of online and blended learning courseware
  • Goal Two: Develop an understanding of how the Institute can help expand research using digital and instructional technologies in the arts and design and pursue selected research initiatives
  • Goal Three: Build alliances, partnerships, and formal relationships within Penn State University in areas related to alternatives to resident instruction and in research and deployment of digital and instructional technologies in the arts and design
  • Goal Four: Establish collaborative relationships with other universities and research entities, join forces with already established national and international coalitions, and further develop partnerships with business, industry, and funding agencies


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