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Message on DACA from Associate Dean Scott Wing

To the members of the College of Arts and Architecture community, 

The College of Arts and Architecture supports our DACA students and supports President Barron’s statement, "Every student at this university earned the right to be here based on academic talent and hard work."  We value our DACA students' contributions to the academic life of our learning environment. DACA students also contribute to the diversity of our College, a diversity that helps make our programs intellectually richer and more vibrant centers of learning.

Penn State does not keep any records that identify DACA students. If you have questions or concerns, please contact your academic advisor; your graduate or undergraduate officer; Curt Marshall, the college's multicultural and recruitment coordinator (, 865-4894); or a counselor at the Multicultural Resource Center in 220 Grange Building (865-1773). The Affirmative Action Office (814-863-0471) and Student Legal Services (814-867-4388), providing free confidential advice, representation and referrals, may also be of use. The Office of Student Affairs sponsors a variety of counseling services ( and the Student Care and Advocacy Service ( The College and University will continue to support all of our students and stands ready to provide advice and counsel where needed. 

Scott Wing

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Outreach 

College of Arts and Architecture