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Academic Suspension

(Faculty Senate Policy 54-40)

A student will move into Academic Suspension if:

  • He or she earns less than a 2.00 semester grade-point average while on Academic Warning.

Students on Academic Suspension:

  • May not schedule courses at the University for two consecutive semesters.
    • (Summer Session Note: Summer session is equal to one semester and includes all courses offered after spring semester and before fall semester)
  • Will have enrollment for upcoming semesters canceled.
    • (ex. Students suspended due to fall grades will have their spring schedule canceled)
  • Must apply for re-enrollment if they choose to return to the University after two semesters.
  • Return in a status of Academic Warning if re-enrolled.

A student who has been placed on academic suspension two times and fails to achieve at least a 2.00 semester GPA is subject to academic dismissal and is no longer permitted to take courses at the University. (Faculty Senate Policy 54-50)

After Receiving the Academic Suspension Notification:

1. Complete the following forms and keep copies for future meetings:

2. Contact an advisor:

  • Clarify any questions about the policy
  • Reflect on factors that led to warning and suspension
  • Develop goals for time away from Penn State
  • Discuss re-enrollment at Penn State or other goals

3. Contact other offices utilized as a student:

Re-enrollment after Academic Suspension:

Students whose most recent college of enrollment was Arts and Architecture prior to moving into Academic Suspension should apply for re-enrollment through the same college.  If a student is considering another program, the Arts and Architecture college advisor will discuss goals and connect with other offices as necessary as part of the re-enrollment process.

The following should be done at the same time:

1. Apply for re-enrollment the semester prior to your planned return.  The application for re-enrollment is available on the Office of the University Registrar website. To return for the:

  • Spring semester, apply by the end of November
  • Summer semester, apply by the end of March
  • Fall semester, apply by the end of June

2. Complete the followng (print and keep a copy for your records after completing):

  • Returning from Suspension Survey

After the Returning from Suspension Survey has been submitted, the Arts and Architecture advising office (814-865-9523) will contact you to discuss your planned return.

  • If approved for re-enrollment, students return from suspension in Academic Warning status with a registration hold and their former cumulative GPA.