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  • Dance performance
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  • Maeve Berry on piano
  • Lightbox drawing
  • Steel Valley Rhythms 2
  • SOVA MFA crit
  • Dance with musician
  • Lauerman ceramics class
  • First Year Architecture student
  • Glee Club Singers
  • LARCH review
  • SOVA exhibit in Zoller
  • Art History Color Seminar
  • Jazz drummer hands
  • Palmer Museum students
  • Austin Eyer dance class
  • Graphic design student
  • LARCH review 2
  • Mariah Claiborne in Playhouse Theatre
  • Be More Chill Flashmob
  • Hands architecture
  • Noah Breneman
  • Steel Valley Rhythms
  • Trouble in Tahiti
  • Dunleavy in BPS dancing

Information for Current Undergraduate Students

How to Apply
Provides step-by-step instructions on how to apply to Arts and Architecture majors for freshman, transfer, change of major, and change of major and change of campus students.

College Advising
Contact information for college and academic unit advising.

Academic Advising Portal
University-wide online academic advising designed to serve as a central source of information about academic advising and related educational topics.

The Arts and Architecture Alumni Society Student Award
A description of the award and an application to download.

Academic Integrity Policies and Procedures
College guidelines for academic integrity policy and procedure.

Baccalaureate Degree Programs
The College of Arts and Architecture's complete baccalaureate degree bulletin.

Computer Information for Students
Provides hardware and software guidelines, plus other information for students who are considering the purchase of a computer.

Endowments and Awards Listing
A listing of awards offered by the College of Arts and Architecture to graduate and undergraduate students.

First Year Engagement Plan
Combination of seminars, studio courses and expansion of activities and
programs to present co-curricular and socialization opportunities for

International Programs Information
Learn about the undergraduate study abroad programs.

Recommended Academic Plans
Learn about majors in the College of Arts and Architecture through a semester-by-semester sequence plan.

Transfer Students
Learn about transfer admissions and enrollment.

Undergraduate Admissions
Learn about undergraduate admissions, special programs, campus locations, academic choices, costs, financial aid, and more.